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Ways to Get Some Quick Cash

Written By wong blogjob7 on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 | 8:50 AM

Ways to Get Some Quick Cash
Most people face financial problems from time to time. If you happen to fall into that group right now, know that you are not alone. Usually, the problem will come and go but you will need to take some kind of action to get through it. Let's go through some ways for you to get some quick cash if you need some.

First, it's best to figure out exactly how much money you need to get through your problems. Add it all up and then maybe even add 10-20% just to be safe. Try to forecast what expenses you have now and what will be coming up in the next week or two. Get organized and get it all on paper. Doing this and just seeing it in front of you may help relieve some stress right away.

Second, add up all the money that you have coming in soon. This could be your paychecks or maybe money that people owe you.

Tools to Help You Get Organized

If you happen to have software on your computer to manage your checkbook, then it might be a good idea to use this software to organize everything. I like to use Quicken but even using a spreadsheet may help. There is some free spreadsheet software available to download online like OpenOffice or use Google Docs, which is also free.

Set up your spreadsheet or use your software and put in the dates of when bills are due and then for how much. Software like this should let you put in upcoming bills and it sometimes grays them out if they are in the future so that you can clearly see what you have and what is coming due. It'll even show you how much will be left over once each bill is paid.

Get Some Extra Cash Coming In

At this point, you should be organized with your bills and income and know exactly what you need. It's time to brainstorm about some ways to make some money quickly or get some money coming in.

If you can help it, try not to borrow money. We'll discuss that last since it should be a last resort. Borrowing more money without knowing that you'll have a significant amount of money coming in soon can set you on a downward spiral that's really difficult to get out of.

Here are some ideas to get some extra cash:

1. Look around and see if you have anything to sell. The price of gold is high, so if you have some old jewelry that you don't wear or have sentimental attachment to, it might be time to cash it in. Look through old boxes in your basement or attic. You might be able to find things of value that you have forgotten about and are not using.

Once you find things to sell, you can either sell them on eBay, Craig's List, at a garage sale or at a local pawnshop.

2. See if you can earn some extra money working. Ask your employer if you can work some extra hours. They might let you. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have anything they need done where they can pay you. Consider getting a part time job in the evenings for 2-3 hours a night. My first job was doing janitorial work. You did the same thing every night and it only took 2 hours. It was nice and easy. I could even listen to music or audio books.

3. Of course, you should try to cut your expenses if you want to get out of any foreseeable long-term money problems. Get rid of cable and just get TV from over the air channels. Cut down on eating out and make cheap meals at home. Combine trips and errands in the car so that you save gas. Just making a few changes can make a significant difference.

4. Talk to your creditors. Tell them the situation you are in. If you talk to someone, then they might be able to get you on a payment plan to help spread the payments out over time.

5. Lastly, it may be time to consider a payday loan. This is one of the ways to get quick cash that you can consider but know that you will be paying some high interest on this kind of loan. You should only consider using one of these loans if you have exhausted all other possibilities. You will need to show them a valid piece of identification, have a job and a checking account. You can either find this kind of loan online or at a local retail outlet. Make sure you read the fine print and terms of the loan. Also make sure that you make your payment on time or you could be charged some heavy fees.


Needing some quick money is common. It happens to almost everybody. There are even professional football players out there who live paycheck to paycheck. I don't know how that happens but it's true. Hopefully, this article has shown you some quick ways to get the cash that you need.

A paycheck advance can be a good way to get the money you need. Find out more and learn all the you can about finances and managing your income.

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